This comprehensive process is a proven method for the development of a successful web site. These steps include the following:

  • A site plan is created and approved.
  • Client starts gathering content which includes collecting photographs and/or art and rewriting web site copy where needed.
  • Prinet provides client with links to the new web site for review purposes in a private (non-public) beta area.
  • Prinet develops the home-page creative approach and presents it to client.
  • The home-page creative approach is approved and the interior-page design is developed and approved.
  • After the total creative approach is approved, Prinet begins loading new web content.
  • A target launch date is determined.
  • One round of edits/changes to site content are completed.
  • Client’s site is moved to their server and web hosting fees begin.
  • Domain name transfers are completed.
  • Email accounts are setup and tested.
  • Inquiry forms are tested.
  • Site is finalized and launched to the public.


“Our intranet has been launched -- without a hitch -- and initial feedback has been quite AWESOME! People love it.”- J.B., Palm Springs Unified School District


“I have to tell you....YOU ROCK!! I'm sooo glad we went with you instead of the other company. It's wonderful doing business with you” P. Wilson

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